Le Morne Brabant

Like a lighthouse, Le Morne Brabant rises majestically in the southwestern part of the island. The sandy beaches of the finest coral sand lie at the foot of Le Morne.The trips begins no later that 7.30 am as it gets really hot in summer. Remember that during the most difficult part, you will have the sun on your back.

Your English-speaking guide will lead you along the serpentine path towards the north-eastern view point of the island. From there, you cross a green gate towards the most difficult and steepest part of the excursion. If you feel you are not fit enough or suffer from dizziness, you can wait under a big tree while the others climb to the summit and back, which takes about one to one and a half hour. While other guides take relatively large groups (more than 10 persons), we do not take more that 8 persons on this trip.

History: In the 19th century, a large number of slaves fled to this mountain to hide from their masters. On the 1st of February 1835, a police expedition was sent to the mountain to announce the end of slavery. Misunderstanding the aim of the expedition, the slaves hurled themselves from the mountain top to their death. To commemorate that tragic day, the 1st of February is a public holiday and remembered as the end of slavery in the creole culture. Since 2008, this mountain has been added to the world heritage list by UNESCO. The laborious ascent culminates in a breath-taking view over the south west of Mauritius.

Duration from / to Le Morne 3 - 4h
Price 40,00 € (Monday and Thursday) up to 8 Guests
Private Tour 120,00 € Daily  max 2 Adults  
transfer from / to hotel can be booked at an additional cost
Food Water, fruits and snacks

Great physical fitness - trekking or hiking shoes with a good profile (example : Salomon, speed cross, super cross)
No operations on the knee, waist or back
pregnant women are excluded from this trip

Language   English 
Climate Sunscreen and mosquito protection required
Hygiene   Restroom available from time to time
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