From Le Souffleur to La Cambuse

This hiking is offered with a transport, as the startind and ending point are approximately 12 km apart. The transfer can be done from / to hotel or you can travel to point A and we bring you back after the hiking. We start approximately one kilometer in the field behind the sugar factory in L'Escalier. From here you first go to e secluded beach section, before we hike along the wild south coast from Le Souffleur over the Pont Naturelle and Le Bouchon Public Beach to La Cambuse. The south coast probably offers the most spectacular pictures of the rushing surf and often you feel more in the scenery of Ireland or Scotland. 
In La Cambuse, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island we can still linger and go swimming in the sea. A small lunch is served. Toilets and showers are available. 
Those who still prefer to wander in nature, they can do this through the small forest with the giant palm trees, the noise of the birds there is also unique. We can also walk a little further to the "dodo cemetery". It was discovered at the begining of the "millenium" by excavation. Here, 4000-year-old dodo bones were excavated, which have been preserved quite well in the boggy soil. Also one could prove so naturally the existence of the now unfortunately extinct bird.

Duration from Cambuse / to Le Souffleur
Price 45,00 € per person excluding Transfer
Private Tour 130,00 € Daily max 2 Guests
Transfer must be booked as we start and end not at the same Location.
Food Water, fruits and snacks

Great physical fitness - trekking or hiking shoes with a good profile (example : Salomon, speed cross, super cross)
No operations on the knee, waist or back
pregnant women are excluded from this trip

Language   English 
Climate Sunscreen and mosquito protection required
Hygiene   Restroom available from time to time
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