The climate in Mauritius is tropical. In its summer, from November to April, the highest temperatures range from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. In the remaining winter months, it is with some 25 degrees Celsius somewhat cooler. The water temperature in the Indian ocean around Mauritius is warm all year round, between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Humidity in Mauritius is 80 to 90%. One should note the difference between the east and west coast. In general, it is warmer in the west and the north. In the capital city of Port Louis, the warmest spot on the island, it can get very hot in summer. The south and west of the island are windier, too windy for some beach lovers but ideal for water sports.

It can get about five degrees Celsius cooler on the mountains, where it is also more likely to rain. However, a rain shower can be expected even on the coast any time of the year but mostly during the hot summer months. Very often in Mauritius, the rain falls during the night or in short showers during the day, which can be quite refreshing on a hot day.